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Biographical data for:   BELBIN, Tanith

Name: Tanith Belbin
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 11 July 1984
Age: 36
International Age Category: Senior (2020/2021)
Home Country: U.S.A.
UPID: FSUSA21107198401
Partner: Benjamin Agosto (2006/2010)
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Compulsory Dance
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
45.0221-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships2Championship Dance
41.8623-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships1Ice Dancing
40.8319-02-10VancouverOlympic Winter Games4Ice Dance
39.6524-03-09Los AngelesWorld Championships2Ice Dance
39.2813-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America1Ice Dance
38.3330-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China1Ice Dance
37.7207-02-07Colorado SpringsFour Continents Championships2Ice Dancing
37.6324-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America2Ice Dance
37.1720-03-07TokyoWorld Championships5Ice Dancing
37.1506-11-08BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China2Ice Dance
36.0326-10-07Reading PASkate America1Ice Dancing
35.8908-11-07HarbinCup of China2Ice Dancing
35.0218-03-08GöteborgWorld Championships5Ice Dancing
Original Dance
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
66.8922-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships2Championship Dance
65.1626-03-09Los AngelesWorld Championships1Ice Dance
64.6920-03-08GöteborgWorld Championships4Ice Dancing
64.2925-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships1Ice Dancing
64.2716-04-09TokyoWorld Team Trophy 20091Ice Dance
63.6414-12-07TorinoISU Grand Prix Final1Ice Dancing
62.5021-02-10VancouverOlympic Winter Games4Ice Dance
61.8522-03-07TokyoWorld Championships2Ice Dancing
60.9514-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America1Ice Dance
60.8109-11-07HarbinCup of China2Ice Dancing
60.4508-02-07Colorado SpringsFour Continents Championships1Ice Dancing
60.3330-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China1Ice Dance
59.2427-10-07Reading PASkate America1Ice Dancing
58.0807-11-08BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China1Ice Dance
57.4725-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America3Ice Dance
57.3312-12-08Goyang CitySBS ISU Grand Prix Final4Senior Ice Dance
Free Dance
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
109.9226-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships1Ice Dancing
106.6023-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships2Championship Dance
103.2921-03-08GöteborgWorld Championships3Ice Dancing
100.5015-12-07TorinoISU Grand Prix Final2Ice Dancing
100.2727-03-09Los AngelesWorld Championships2Ice Dance
99.7422-02-10VancouverOlympic Winter Games4Ice Dance
98.8109-02-07Colorado SpringsFour Continents Championships2Ice Dancing
98.7117-04-09TokyoWorld Team Trophy 20091Ice Dance
98.4110-11-07HarbinCup of China1Ice Dancing
97.6828-10-07Reading PASkate America1Ice Dancing
96.4123-03-07TokyoWorld Championships4Ice Dancing
95.8531-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China1Ice Dance
95.6214-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America1Ice Dance
91.4326-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America1Ice Dance
91.1808-11-08BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China2Ice Dance
Total Score (Compulsory Dance + Original Dance + Free Dance)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
218.5123-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships2Championship Dance
216.0726-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships1Ice Dancing
205.0827-03-09Los AngelesWorld Championships2Ice Dance
203.0722-02-10VancouverOlympic Winter Games4Ice Dance
203.0021-03-08GöteborgWorld Championships4Ice Dancing
196.9809-02-07Colorado SpringsFour Continents Championships2Ice Dancing
195.8514-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America1Ice Dance
195.4323-03-07TokyoWorld Championships3Ice Dancing
195.1110-11-07HarbinCup of China1Ice Dancing
194.5131-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China1Ice Dance
192.9528-10-07Reading PASkate America1Ice Dancing
186.5326-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America2Ice Dance
186.4108-11-08BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China2Ice Dance


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