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Biographical data for:   DOBBS, Amanda

Name: Amanda Dobbs
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 10 August 1993
Age: 26
International Age Category: Senior (2019/2020)
Home Country: U.S.A.
UPID: FSUSA21008199301
Partner: Joseph Jacobsen (2009/2010)
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
58.0431-10-09GrazIce Challenge2Ladies
57.5627-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships2Ladies
56.1121-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships6Championship Ladies
50.4612-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix1Junior Ladies
47.4811-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final5Junior Ladies
47.3621-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships6Junior Ladies
46.7311-05-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China7Ladies
46.4219-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals6Senior Ladies
45.8209-10-10VantaaFinlandia Trophy6Ladies
43.2120-01-09ClevelandU.S. National Championships7Junior Ladies
40.6009-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix12Junior Ladies
39.6007-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup3Junior Ladies
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
100.6729-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships5Ladies
95.4022-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships2Junior Ladies
94.6123-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships7Championship Ladies
90.1501-11-09GrazIce Challenge3Ladies
88.9813-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix1Junior Ladies
88.0410-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix1Junior Ladies
86.2121-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals3Senior Ladies
85.7211-06-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China6Ladies
85.5410-10-10VantaaFinlandia Trophy4Ladies
83.0508-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup3Junior Ladies
73.3121-01-09ClevelandU.S. National Championships8Junior Ladies
69.5913-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final7Junior Ladies
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
158.2329-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships4Ladies
150.7223-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships6Championship Ladies
148.1901-11-09GrazIce Challenge3Ladies
142.7622-01-08Saint PaulU.S. National Championships5Junior Ladies
139.4413-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix1Junior Ladies
132.6321-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals4Senior Ladies
132.4511-06-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China6Ladies
131.3610-10-10VantaaFinlandia Trophy5Ladies
128.6410-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix3Junior Ladies
122.6508-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup3Junior Ladies
117.0713-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final7Junior Ladies
116.5221-01-09ClevelandU.S. National Championships7Junior Ladies
Short Program (Pairs)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
55.3215-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships6Championship Pairs
46.4518-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals3Senior Pairs
Free Skating (Pairs)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
97.3416-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships8Championship Pairs
71.5320-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals4Senior Pairs
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating) (Pairs)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
152.6616-01-10SpokaneU.S. National Championships7Championship Pairs
117.9820-11-09Jackson HolePacific Coast Sectionals4Senior Pairs


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