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Biographical data for:   MAISURADZE, Nodari

Name: Nodari Maisuradze
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 18 February 1988
Age: 32
International Age Category: Senior (2019/2020)
Home Country: Russia
UPID: FSRUS11802198801
Partner: Lubov Iliushechkina (2007/2012)
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
62.5430-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China3Pairs
61.6011-12-09ZagrebGolden Spin1Pairs
60.7229-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada1Pairs
60.5901-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade1Pairs
60.0612-10-10BeijingGrand Prix Final5Pairs
58.1428-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International5Pairs
56.8811-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final1Junior Pairs
56.2602-10-08GomelJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs
55.8511-05-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China4Pairs
55.1224-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships1Junior Pairs
54.4919-09-08OstravaJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs
53.1211-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy6Pairs
52.4220-01-09HelsinkiEuropean Championships5Pairs
52.0526-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships2Junior Pairs
49.9621-11-08MoscowGrand Prix - Cup of Russia5Pairs
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
117.3812-11-10BeijingGrand Prix Final4Pairs
114.4402-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade1Pairs
110.6830-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada2Pairs
107.0329-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International6Pairs
106.2411-06-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China4Pairs
105.8912-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy6Pairs
100.8322-11-08MoscowGrand Prix - Cup of Russia4Pairs
97.1704-10-08GomelJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs
95.8912-12-09ZagrebGolden Spin1Pairs
95.4221-01-09HelsinkiEuropean Championships5Pairs
92.8127-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships1Junior Pairs
92.5012-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final1Junior Pairs
90.7631-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China7Pairs
89.2025-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships2Junior Pairs
84.7920-09-08OstravaJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
177.4412-11-10BeijingGrand Prix Final4Pairs
175.0302-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade1Pairs
171.4030-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada1Pairs
165.1729-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International5Pairs
162.0911-06-10BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China4Pairs
159.0112-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy6Pairs
157.4912-12-09ZagrebGolden Spin1Pairs
153.4304-10-08GomelJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs
153.3031-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China5Pairs
150.7922-11-08MoscowGrand Prix - Cup of Russia4Pairs
149.3812-12-08Goyang CityJunior Grand Prix Final1Junior Pairs
147.8421-01-09HelsinkiEuropean Championships5Pairs
144.8627-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships2Junior Pairs
144.3225-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships1Junior Pairs
139.2820-09-08OstravaJunior Grand Prix1Junior Pairs


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