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Biographical data for:   VAILLANT, Mark

Name: Mark Vaillant
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 September 1989
Age: 28
International Age Category: Senior (2017/2018)
Home Country: France
UPID: FSFRA10809198901
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
58.6407-12-07MegèveFrench Championships Elite5Messieurs Elites
57.2014-03-09Cergy-PontoiseFrench Nat. Junior Champs.2Juniors Hommes
56.4519-12-08ColmarFrench National Championships7Messieurs Elites
55.1518-12-09MarseilleFrench National Championships6Messieurs Elite
53.6216-11-07GalatiCrystal Skate4Men
52.5925-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships16Junior Men
52.1225-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix4Junior Men
50.8922-03-08LuxembourgCoupe du Printemps1Senior Men
50.1106-12-08DortmundNRW Trophy13Senior Men
49.8014-11-08GalatiCrystal Skate5Men
49.4217-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice3Junior Men
47.6519-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial13Junior Men
46.7127-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup8Junior Men
46.1105-10-06Den HaagISU Junior Grand Prix10Men
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
118.2008-12-07MegèveFrench Championships Elite4Messieurs Elites
117.5017-11-07GalatiCrystal Skate1Men
117.0607-12-08DortmundNRW Trophy7Senior Men
112.1020-12-08ColmarFrench National Championships4Messieurs Elites
106.8819-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice1Junior Men
104.3827-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix5Junior Men
104.3415-11-08GalatiCrystal Skate3Men
102.8121-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial7Junior Men
102.1423-03-08LuxembourgCoupe du Printemps1Senior Men
100.6606-10-06Den HaagISU Junior Grand Prix5Men
97.2519-12-09MarseilleFrench National Championships8Messieurs Elite
95.0815-03-09Cergy-PontoiseFrench Nat. Junior Champs.4Juniors Hommes
93.3126-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships20Junior Men
92.6129-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup6Junior Men
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
176.8408-12-07MegèveFrench Championships Elite5Messieurs Elites
171.1217-11-07GalatiCrystal Skate2Men
168.5520-12-08ColmarFrench National Championships5Messieurs Elites
167.1707-12-08DortmundNRW Trophy8Senior Men
156.5027-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix5Junior Men
156.3019-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice1Junior Men
154.1415-11-08GalatiCrystal Skate3Men
153.0323-03-08LuxembourgCoupe du Printemps1Senior Men
152.4019-12-09MarseilleFrench National Championships8Messieurs Elite
152.2815-03-09Cergy-PontoiseFrench Nat. Junior Champs.4Juniors Hommes
150.4621-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial8Junior Men
146.7706-10-06Den HaagISU Junior Grand Prix6Men
145.9026-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships18Junior Men
139.3229-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup6Junior Men


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