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Biographical data for:   RAYA, Javier

Name: Javier Raya
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 20 April 1991
Age: 27
International Age Category: Senior (2017/2018)
Home Country: Spain
UPID: FSESP12004199101
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2014/2015
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
69.3821-02-15Den HaagChallenge Cup 20152Men Senior
60.5913-12-09MadridSpanish National Championships1Junior Isu Masculino
60.4510-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships9Junior Men
59.8220-11-10Merano13th Merano Cup3Senior Men
57.1815-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice10Senior Men
54.3520-12-08LogroņoSpanish National Championships2Junior Isu Masculino
52.9401-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix7Junior Men
52.5103-04-09JeseniceTriglav Trophy6Senior Men
52.2010-12-10ZagrebGolden Spin of Zagreb3Men
51.9827-01-11BernEuropean Championships21Men
51.9617-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice2Junior Men
50.5025-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships17Junior Men
50.1115-10-09IstanbulJunior Grand Prix8Junior Men
49.2306-11-09NiceCoupe de Nice19Senior Men
48.6914-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup14Senior Men
45.8715-12-07MadridSpanish National Championships2Junior ISU Masculina
44.8210-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix9Junior Men
43.4025-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix16Junior Men
42.8507-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup6Junior Men
42.2928-02-07OberstdorfWorld Junior Championships29Junior Men
41.8719-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice5Junior Men
39.9901-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade25Men
39.3313-09-07ViennaISU JGP Vienna Cup18Junior Men
38.9427-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup16Junior Men
34.1805-04-08JeseniceTriglav Trophy3Junior Men
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
129.7522-02-15Den HaagChallenge Cup 20153Men Senior
114.1311-12-10ZagrebGolden Spin of Zagreb4Men
112.7029-01-11BernEuropean Championships17Men
112.1202-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade9Men
105.1321-11-10Merano13th Merano Cup7Senior Men
104.2417-10-09IstanbulJunior Grand Prix6Junior Men
104.0316-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice10Senior Men
103.9611-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships14Junior Men
101.7421-12-08LogroņoSpanish National Championships2Junior Isu Masculino
101.3615-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup10Senior Men
100.8224-01-11BernEuropean Championships5Prel.Rnd Men
99.4211-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix7Junior Men
99.1807-11-09NiceCoupe de Nice11Senior Men
98.7104-04-09JeseniceTriglav Trophy7Senior Men
97.5413-12-09MadridSpanish National Championships1Junior Isu Masculino
94.8108-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup4Junior Men
93.6926-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships19Junior Men
90.7727-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix9Junior Men
89.5819-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice2Junior Men
88.7705-04-08JeseniceTriglav Trophy1Junior Men
88.2721-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice3Junior Men
87.7503-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix11Junior Men
82.4716-12-07MadridSpanish National Championships2Junior ISU Masculina
78.2829-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup16Junior Men
77.9315-09-07ViennaISU JGP Vienna Cup18Junior Men
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
199.1322-02-15Den HaagChallenge Cup 20152Men Senior
166.3311-12-10ZagrebGolden Spin of Zagreb4Men
164.9521-11-10Merano13th Merano Cup6Senior Men
164.4111-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships12Junior Men
161.2116-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice9Senior Men
158.1313-12-09MadridSpanish National Championships1Junior Isu Masculino
156.0921-12-08LogroņoSpanish National Championships2Junior Isu Masculino
154.3517-10-09IstanbulJunior Grand Prix6Junior Men
152.1102-02-11Erzurum25th Winter Universiade14Men
151.2204-04-09JeseniceTriglav Trophy7Senior Men
150.0515-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup10Senior Men
148.4107-11-09NiceCoupe de Nice11Senior Men
144.2411-10-08Cape TownJunior Grand Prix8Junior Men
144.1926-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships19Junior Men
141.5419-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice2Junior Men
140.6903-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix9Junior Men
137.6608-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup5Junior Men
134.1727-09-08MadridJunior Grand Prix11Junior Men
130.1421-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice4Junior Men
128.3416-12-07MadridSpanish National Championships2Junior ISU Masculina
122.9505-04-08JeseniceTriglav Trophy1Junior Men
117.2615-09-07ViennaISU JGP Vienna Cup19Junior Men
117.2229-09-07ZagrebISU JGP Croatia Cup16Junior Men

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