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Biographical data for:   SONG, Nan

Name: Nan Song
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 9 August 1990
Age: 28
International Age Category: Senior (2018/2019)
Home Country: China
UPID: FSCHN10908199001
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
76.5318-11-11ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard2Men
72.9528-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships2Men
72.7204-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China5Men
71.7003-12-09TokyoJunior Grand Prix Final1Junior Men
67.9710-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships5Junior Men
63.7827-04-11MoscowWorld Championships20Men
62.8826-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire8Men
62.2112-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America9Men
60.4718-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships12Men
59.4219-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial3Junior Men
58.7025-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships10Junior Men
57.0801-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix4Junior Men
55.5225-09-09MinskJunior Grand Prix4Junior Men
54.4328-08-08CourchevelJunior Grand Prix6Junior Men
52.0312-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix6Junior Men
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
154.0305-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China1Men
147.5719-11-11ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard2Men
137.2811-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships2Junior Men
136.7330-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships6Men
134.6619-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships8Men
133.2904-12-09TokyoJunior Grand Prix Final2Junior Men
130.6303-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix1Junior Men
122.5926-09-09MinskJunior Grand Prix1Junior Men
118.6527-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire5Men
117.8913-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America10Men
116.7426-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships5Junior Men
112.3128-04-11MoscowWorld Championships23Men
110.1821-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial4Junior Men
107.2030-08-08CourchevelJunior Grand Prix6Junior Men
95.7713-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix7Junior Men
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
226.7505-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China3Men
224.1019-11-11ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard2Men
209.6830-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships6Men
205.2511-03-10Den HaagWorld Junior Championships2Junior Men
204.9904-12-09TokyoJunior Grand Prix Final2Junior Men
195.1319-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships9Men
187.7103-10-09DresdenJunior Grand Prix1Junior Men
181.5327-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire6Men
180.1013-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America10Men
178.1126-09-09MinskJunior Grand Prix2Junior Men
176.0928-04-11MoscowWorld Championships22Men
175.4426-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships7Junior Men
169.6021-10-07SheffieldISU JGP J. Curry Memorial4Junior Men
161.6330-08-08CourchevelJunior Grand Prix5Junior Men
147.8013-09-08Mexico CityJunior Grand Prix5Junior Men


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