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Biographical data for:   POJE, Andrew

Name: Andrew Poje
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 25 February 1987
Age: 33
International Age Category: Senior (2020/2021)
Home Country: Canada
UPID: FSCAN12502198701
Partner: Kaitlyn Weaver (2006/2012)
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Dance
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
66.2409-12-11Quebec CityGrand Prix Final4Ice Dance
65.4517-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships3Ice Dance
65.0729-04-11MoscowWorld Championships7Ice Dance
64.4525-11-11MoscowGrand Prix - Rostelecom Cup - Cup of Russia2Ice Dance
63.3128-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International2Ice Dance
60.0711-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy2Ice Dance
59.4813-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America3Ice Dance
58.6922-10-10NagoyaGrand Prix - NHK Trophy2Ice Dance
55.5112-10-10BeijingGrand Prix Final4Ice Dance
Free Dance
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
99.8311-12-11Quebec CityGrand Prix Final4Ice Dance
96.7326-11-11MoscowGrand Prix - Rostelecom Cup - Cup of Russia2Ice Dance
95.2530-04-11MoscowWorld Championships4Ice Dance
92.6830-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International3Ice Dance
91.6912-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy2Ice Dance
89.6116-01-10London ONCanadian National Championships3Senior Dance
88.4715-02-08Goyang CityFour Continents Championships4Ice Dancing
87.2226-04-11MoscowWorld Championships1Prel.Rnd Ice Dance
85.6918-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships4Ice Dance
85.4217-01-09SaskatoonCanadian National Championships2Senior Dance
85.0729-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships1Ice Dance
84.8106-02-09VancouverFour Continents Championships5Ice Dance
82.8823-10-10NagoyaGrand Prix - NHK Trophy3Ice Dance
82.8614-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America4Ice Dance
82.2822-11-09KitchenerGrand Prix - Skate Canada4Ice Dance
80.8312-11-10BeijingGrand Prix Final5Ice Dance
80.3631-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China4Ice Dance
79.7417-11-07ParisTrophée Eric Bompard6Ice Dancing
78.5208-11-08BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China6Ice Dance
78.4821-03-08GöteborgWorld Championships17Ice Dancing
77.9604-11-07Quebec CityHomeSense Skate Canada5Ice Dancing
75.8229-11-08TokyoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy7Ice Dance
72.0502-03-07OberstdorfWorld Junior Championships2Junior Ice Dancing
71.8023-03-07TokyoWorld Championships20Ice Dancing
Total Score (Short Dance + Free Dance)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
166.0711-12-11Quebec CityGrand Prix Final4Ice Dance
161.1826-11-11MoscowGrand Prix - Rostelecom Cup - Cup of Russia2Ice Dance
155.9930-11-11MississaugaGrand Prix - Skate Canada International2Ice Dance
151.7612-11-11SapporoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy2Ice Dance
151.1418-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships4Ice Dance
142.3414-11-10PortlandGrand Prix - Skate America4Ice Dance
141.5723-10-10NagoyaGrand Prix - NHK Trophy2Ice Dance
136.3412-11-10BeijingGrand Prix Final5Ice Dance


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