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Biographical data for:   REYNOLDS, Kevin

Name: Kevin Reynolds
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 23 July 1990
Age: 28
International Age Category: Senior (2018/2019)
Home Country: Canada
UPID: FSCAN12307199001
Results: Season 2006/2007
Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
Season 2011/2012
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
81.6028-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships1Men
80.0929-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada2Men
71.2024-03-10TorinoWorld Championships14Men
70.0016-01-09SaskatoonCanadian National Championships3Senior Men
67.5128-11-08TokyoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy6Men
67.3915-01-10London ONCanadian National Championships5Senior Men
67.1824-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America4Men
66.1326-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire7Men
65.5618-11-11ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard6Men
65.4718-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships8Men
64.3627-04-11MoscowWorld Championships19Men
64.3104-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China7Men
63.8125-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships6Junior Men
60.1230-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China11Men
59.5228-02-07OberstdorfWorld Junior Championships4Junior Men
59.4623-11-07MoscowCup of Russia11Men
59.2526-10-07Reading PASkate America7Men
59.0513-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America10Men
55.7727-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships13Junior Men
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
149.1017-01-10London ONCanadian National Championships2Senior Men
145.3825-03-10TorinoWorld Championships8Men
140.1005-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China7Men
138.5630-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada6Men
137.7125-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America4Men
134.0027-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire4Men
132.2330-11-08TokyoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy4Men
131.9718-01-09SaskatoonCanadian National Championships5Senior Men
131.3930-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships8Men
131.1814-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America5Men
128.3531-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China7Men
127.2324-11-07MoscowCup of Russia6Men
126.0819-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships11Men
125.0128-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships4Junior Men
122.8728-04-11MoscowWorld Championships21Men
118.8001-03-07OberstdorfWorld Junior Championships5Junior Men
109.8727-10-07Reading PASkate America9Men
105.5526-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships10Junior Men
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
218.6530-10-10KingstonGrand Prix- Skate Canada4Men
216.5825-03-10TorinoWorld Championships11Men
216.4917-01-10London ONCanadian National Championships3Senior Men
212.9930-01-10Jeonju CityFour Continents Championships3Men
204.8925-10-08EverettGrand Prix - Skate America4Men
204.4105-11-11ShanghaiGrand Prix - Cup of China7Men
201.9718-01-09SaskatoonCanadian National Championships4Senior Men
200.1327-11-10ParisGrand Prix - Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire4Men
199.7430-11-08TokyoGrand Prix - NHK Trophy4Men
191.5519-02-11Taipei CityFour Continents Championships11Men
190.2314-11-09Lake PlacidGrand Prix - Skate America6Men
188.4731-10-09BeijingGrand Prix - Cup of China8Men
187.2328-04-11MoscowWorld Championships20Men
186.6924-11-07MoscowCup of Russia8Men
180.7828-02-08SofiaWorld Junior Championships6Junior Men
178.3201-03-07OberstdorfWorld Junior Championships5Junior Men
169.3626-02-09SofiaWorld Junior Championships9Junior Men
169.1227-10-07Reading PASkate America9Men


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