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Biographical data for:   HOFMANN, Anna

Name: Anna Hofmann
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 18 August 1992
Age: 27
International Age Category: Senior (2019/2020)
Home Country: Austria
UPID: FSAUT21808199201
Results: Season 2007/2008
Season 2008/2009
Season 2009/2010
Season 2010/2011
All Results

Results from all seasons:
Short Program
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
38.5209-12-09InnsbruckAustrian National Championships3Junioren Damen
35.3808-02-09LjubljanaDragon Trophy4Junior Ladies
35.1030-10-09GrazIce Challenge13Junior Ladies
34.5612-12-08LinzAustrian National Championships4Junioren Damen
34.3916-11-08WarsawWarsaw Cup5Junior Ladies
34.1003-02-10CourmayeurMont Blanc Trophy15Junior Ladies
33.9113-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup8Junior Ladies
31.0730-11-07DortmundNRW Trophy4Novice Girls
28.9613-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice17Junior Ladies
27.4215-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice22Junior Ladies
27.3410-11-10GrazIce Challenge 201018Junior Ladies
27.2606-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup13Novice Ladies
24.0219-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice23Novice Ladies
Free Skating
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
63.6210-12-09InnsbruckAustrian National Championships4Junioren Damen
61.6408-02-09LjubljanaDragon Trophy3Junior Ladies
58.9112-12-08LinzAustrian National Championships6Junioren Damen
57.0204-02-10CourmayeurMont Blanc Trophy13Junior Ladies
56.6515-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup10Junior Ladies
55.2831-10-09GrazIce Challenge16Junior Ladies
53.5516-11-08WarsawWarsaw Cup11Junior Ladies
53.4614-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice18Junior Ladies
52.7111-11-10GrazIce Challenge 201012Junior Ladies
50.0001-12-07DortmundNRW Trophy6Novice Girls
49.0916-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice20Junior Ladies
46.7407-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup15Novice Ladies
45.3011-11-07CeljeSkate Celje3Novices Girls 1992
40.6019-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice19Novice Ladies
Total Score (Short Program + Free Skating)
Points Date Place Competition Rank Category
102.1410-12-09InnsbruckAustrian National Championships4Junioren Damen
97.0208-02-09LjubljanaDragon Trophy4Junior Ladies
93.4712-12-08LinzAustrian National Championships5Junioren Damen
91.1204-02-10CourmayeurMont Blanc Trophy14Junior Ladies
90.5615-11-09Merano12th Merano Cup10Junior Ladies
90.3831-10-09GrazIce Challenge15Junior Ladies
87.9416-11-08WarsawWarsaw Cup7Junior Ladies
82.4214-10-10NiceCoupe de Nice16Junior Ladies
81.0701-12-07DortmundNRW Trophy3Novice Girls
80.0511-11-10GrazIce Challenge 201015Junior Ladies
76.5116-10-08NiceCoupe de Nice22Junior Ladies
74.0007-03-08Den HaagAEGON Challenge Cup14Novice Ladies
64.6219-10-07NiceCoupe de Nice20Novice Ladies


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