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This week: Strong field of teams for 3rd edition Lumiére Cup Synchronized Skating

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5 December 2018   -   On 14-15 December 2018 the 3rd edition of the Lumiére Cup Synchronized Skating will take place in Eindhoven (NED). For this international competition, organized by Kids on Ice Synchronized Skating, almost 600 skaters in 34 teams out off 9 countries will come to the Netherlands. Among them top-5 teams of the World like Canada and Finland.
    On Friday and saturday a livestream video will be made available by Figureskatingonline.info on the page WEB-TV of this website.


This week: Competition calendar 2018-2019 updated

18-SOL-calendar-clip.jpg 4 December 2018   -   The International competition calender and several national calenders a.o. Russia and the Netherlands have been updated according to the latest information.


Welcome to FigureSkatingOnLine.info

    Welcome at the website FigureSkatingOnLine.info which is dedicated to figure skating. This website gives competition-information, results, statistics, background-information etc. and is specially made for skaters, competition-organizers, statisticians, journalists and everybody who is interested in figure skating. The imbedded entry-system in this website allows federations and clubs to enter skaters for competitions and is a helpful tool for competition-organisers. On the webpage "services" a number of extra facilities are available for professional use.


PB-Event: for Sport and Events

    PB-Event is a Dutch company that is specialized in Sound, Telecommunication and Timing equipment. They are also Producers for big and small sport events. Moreover, they have worked for many years in Figure Skating.
    PB-Event is doing jobs all over the world. They have worked for the Grand Prix Track & Field in Mexico, the Grand Prix Thales FBK Games in the Netherlands and for the Grand Prix Track & Field of Shanghai as well. In the Netherlands they supply the technical equipment for many (sport) events. Contracted by the Rabobank cycling team, they have gone for a many years to the Tour de France. Their Telecommunication equipment has been used at the Olympic Games of Salt Lake City and also at the Olympic Games of Torino.


Top 10 Total Points Ranking 2018-2019

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